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Private Equity still under attack It's summer  and with the listed equity markets sagging you might have thought private equity would fall under the radar of the financial journalists...

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With news that Blackstone is planning a hedge fund to take big (?) bets just how timely is our second report in the ADVEQ series "Risk Management Practices within Private Equity" ?

Risk Management in PE Are the regulators still playing catch up? Private Equity pleaded for separate treatment when regulations were introduced in the aftermath of 2008 financial...

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Why you should eat at PE owned restaurants | Private Equity Findings Issue 10

Academia goes creative Who says academics aren't creative? This has to be one of the most creative approaches to testing whether PE really adds operational value to a business. No n...

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University Endowments – No longer the stellar investors | Private Equity Findings Issue 10

University Endowments There was a time when private equity and a particular group of investors, the university endowments, seemingly contradicted the second law of thermo dynamics. Th...

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Talent Turnover at GPs is not at all bad for future performance | Private Equity Findings Issue 10

Team Stability Until the 2008 financial crisis not much was known and less was seen about management turnover within GPs. Of course we all knew about PE’s desire to change the manage...

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Smart Beta Ok so I have been focussing elsewhere but suddenly even I cannot ignore the wave of coverage given over to "smart beta".  Just the phrase it...

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The usual government anti-corruption toolbox in developing nations contains think tanks, policy reviews and anti-corruption commissions. These are necessary but rather blunt instruments. In bringing t...

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A Proposal for an ‘Alignment of Interest’ ratio

A ratio is a succinct quantitative gauge of measuring a relationship between two variables. The world of public equities has ratios like Sharpe, Sortino and Treynor, which provide an investor with a q...

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