Confessions of a Social Media Agency

Caitlin Genoe - 30/06/2016 - 1 min read - Community Management

To celebrate Social Media Day we thought we would give you a look into what it’s like to work in a Social Agency!

1. What people think your job is. Not (totally) true

2. Trying to explain to your parents what your job actually is…

3. When the brief is, well, brief

4. Kicking off a new client brainstorm be like…

5. When a client says they want to extend the ad campaign for another month

6. When a client asks if they should be on Google+

7. There’s no budget for planning?

8. “Be innovative! Our budget for social is £2.50.”

9. The struggle to find that perfect hashtag...

10. When your day revolves around tea breaks!

11. Unless it revolves around coffee breaks!

12. When someone eats the last tasty snack in the office

13. When someone uses the LAST TEA BAG!

14. Fitness is key...and a good excuse to use the ping pong table!

15. You come to accept that sometimes the office playlist can get a little odd

16. The eternal struggle of timesheets!

17. Your favourite time of the month is Payday lunch

18. Being a little social media obsessed in your personal life

19. When you’re showing your new colleague round the office

20. But really, we all love working in Social Media!

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