Monthly Roundup Blog – September

Caitlin Genoe - 30/09/2016 - 5 mins read - Social Strategy And Insight

What a month of controversy it’s been! Social networks have been exploding in response to The Great British Bake Off moving from BBC to Channel 4, and most of their beloved presenters going with it! We’ve also seen an abundance of memes and jokes surrounding the split of power couple Brangelina. And, on a more serious note, Facebook were in some trouble after misleading advertisers.

All that being said, let’s have a look at Septembers social media hot topics.

1. Snapchat Spectacles

Let’s start off with the emergence of Snapchat, sorry, Snap Inc. Spectacles. Yes, the newly branded Snap Inc. have been working on their very own smart glasses. They look pretty cool in my opinion, or at least they do on those very attractive models below.

The glasses themselves allow the wearer to video hands-free and therefore authentically captures the moment, rather than missing it while fumbling around with their phone. Spectacles offer the user’s POV, allowing the footage to replicate their memories. This is an in-demand experience, as everyone from influencers, to brands, to everyday users seek to capture moments in the most authentic way possible.

This move has proved that Snapchat is more than just a social networking app. Over their lifespan Snapchat have exceeded many expectations, and with other platforms introducing features which were originally Snapchat’s ‘thing’, it’s no surprise that the company are pushing the boat out and trying new things.

I’m excited for brands to get their hands on a pair or two of these bad boys and see what kind of content they will produce

See more about the glasses and what they can offer here:

2. Twitter character limit

Finally! Twitter has made a few tweaks to their strict 140-character limit. While we still have to adhere to 140 characters worth of text; images, GIFS and other media will no longer eat up the tweet’s characters. Along with this, quote tweets won’t affect the limit either. That being said, links will still count. While links can be easily shortened, I would like to see this be the next change!

It’s likely that Twitter is tentative towards the idea of changing their character limit, as this is a defining feature of the network. Would increasing their character limit really affect the brand significantly?

Working in social, character limits can be a challenge to work around. This update is the least Twitter can do to appeal to their users. Go on Twitter, make our lives a little easier!

3. Will Twitter be sold?

Speaking of Twitter, for months now little birdies have been whispering that the social network will soon be sold. It’s still a conversation worth having, especially since there was public outcry to “save Twitter” last month. There’s been speculation that the network could be bought over by everyone from Google, to Facebook, to Amazon. The latest conglomerate to be name dropped is...Disney.

Apparently, Disney would be interested in Twitter as a way to distribute video content. It makes sense, as the network keeps working towards improving video content. It’s been cited (link) that Disney is feeling pressure as audiences move away from traditional ways of viewing television and watch far more video content online and through social media sites. Could we see Twitter making moves towards video content distribution in the future?

With all the speculation surrounding the topic, we’ll leave this one up to you to decide...

It will be interesting to see if, when and who buys over Twitter and how this could impact the network as we know it.

4. Facebook Instant Video on messenger

Oh look, another network introduces a feature suspiciously similar to one of Snapchat’s features! Facebook have made changes to messenger through introducing “Instant Video”, which allows users to live stream video to each other. The feature is being compared to Snapchat’s Video Chat option, which is essentially the same idea. However, in Facebook’s defence, this could also be compared to similar functions like the iPhone’s Facetime.

According to Facebook, Instant Video will allow users to share quick moments in their life, and bring conversations to life in an authentic way. The feature seems like an obvious choice for Facebook, with so many users using messenger daily and Facebook putting in time and effort to put themselves in the forefront of video.

We might let Facebook off with this one…

5. WhatsApp introduce snapchat-like features

What did I just say about letting Facebook off with it? Way back at the start of the month, WhatsApp introduced a feature on the chat app which allows users to draw on and add text and stickers to pictures they have taken. If you think this is eerily similar to Snapchat, you wouldn’t be wrong. The feature even looks almost exactly like Snapchat’s original function! Have a look at the comparison for yourself!  

Furthermore, WhatsApp are introducing a front facing camera flash and one finger zoom option. It appears that the app is looking to encourage users to take more pictures and selfies, as well as using it for the messenger function, in the same way users would often use Snapchat.

We held a poll over on our Twitter and it looks like most of you were in agreement!

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