Social Customer Service

Delivering a change in brand perception and customer service cost reductions through professional social customer service.


As brands open themselves up to their audience in social media, these channels often become a place where users can voice their frustrations or enquire about the service.  Delivering a personalised response which matches with the tone of your brand is more important than ever as every enquiry is now public.  We work with brands to not only provide an answer to their audience but also maintain the brand tone and professionalism whilst doing so.

How does it work?

Whether you have 10 or 1000 inbound enquiries each month we have systems setup to help deliver the service that the brand and the customer expects.  We act as your frontline communications team handling all initial inbound enquiries reducing your customer service costs and response times.  As we work with our clients we develop a greater understanding of their brand on a week-by-week basis allowing us to respond to an ever-increasing number of enquiries.  Our team of skilled community managers also apply the brand tone to all communications therefore maintaining a brand voice in all communications rather than the robotic customer service tone that can often be adopted.

What we offer:

  • Out-of-hours customer service
  • Reduced customer service times
  • Customised responses
  • Maintained tone of voice
  • Perception enhancement

What our clients say:

  • I have been working with PSONA Social for over 4 years now and they have consistently provided excellent service levels and innovative strategies.

    Tom Bath, Marketing Director, Hachette Partworks UK Ltd

Brands we do this for:

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