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Providing an insight-led expert overview on your social approach to ensure that your delivery is the best it can be for your business and audience.


If you are already running your social presences but are unsure that your approach is the right one then this offering could be for you. Whether you are looking for a one-off audit, a quarterly check-in or a monthly content audit our team of experts can work with you to deliver the strategy that is right for both your business and audience.  In addition to providing strategic oversight for our clients we also deliver insight into your brand, your audience and the marketplace through our social listening service.

What is Social Listening?

There are hundreds of analytics packages in the market giving brands a greater wealth of information than ever before.  Although it’s great to have all of these stats, what do they really mean?  That’s where we come in.  We work with clients to define what matters to them, we analyse the results as they come in, determine what should be included and produce a report delivering not only the numbers but our thoughts and insights.  Our clients use this invaluable service to benchmark themselves against the competition, check in on the progress of their brand sentiment to measure marketing activity impact, produce a general market overview or simply listen out for potential issues that may bubble up in the social space.

Real-time Triggers

Social listening doesn’t always need to be retrospective.  We can listen in real-time.  Keyword triggers are set which flag up any potential conversations that we might want to be aware of allowing us to react to conversations as they happen.  This allows our brands to stay in touch with the market at all times, react to potential brand issues and deliver impactful marketing at all times.

What we offer:

  • Scheduled & real-time social listening
  • Triggered alerts
  • Monthly social strategy and campaign ideas
  • Quarterly social planning
  • Social guideline creation
  • Social business setup

What our clients say:

  • PSONA Social have continued to provide AQA with high quality reports since we started working together in 2011.  The team are dedicated towards bringing us monthly insights which are shared cross-company, and provide us with planned strategic recommendations in order for AQA to succeed on social

    Kunal Ghandi, Social Media Manager, AQA

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